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┌Seven days? She’s less concerned about what it means, as she is trying to figure out what evil plans of the scientists she should prepare for this time…┘

『 Just another day』(CA Open)



He wasn’t quite expecting such a—what he perceived as—shy reaction. Then again, it did seem to match with her appearance. Still, he didn’t really know how to go on without completely scaring her off. This was one of those times he wished he had Gon’s skills with people. He could handle this though… He just needed to stay polite—or politer than usual.

Your eyes are pretty cool. Are you a Kurta?” 

That… wasn’t really a good way to start a conversation, but it was something. He could have done worse. And besides, if she was Kurapika would be pretty happy to hear about it. Gon too, but Gon was happy to hear about pretty much anything.

┌A… Kurata? What was that? It didn’t sound like anything she had heard before, but it must have been something to do with red eyes obviously. Especially if he thought hers were cool… Which was the first time she had heard that much, at least from other kids.┘

"I’m an albino."

┌Already she seemed less meek, and more calm. That was a strange first feeling to get… Well, it really didn’t matter how it felt, right? Though she was now curious about several things… A small red marble pulled out of her pocket but simply rested between her thumb and forefinger.┘

"What’s a Kurta? Are they special?"


The Sleeping Princess ~ Kushina Anna (17)

『 Just another day』(CA Open)



Hey you.

Killua throws his hands behind his head and nonchalantly approaches the nearest person. He doesn’t really seem to care about how impolite it is to call someone out like that. He’s too interested in just who this stranger is; they seem like they’ll be pretty amusing.

┌There was a second where a chill ran down the girl’s spine. Lips parted at the sound of the voice, and their appearance. He looked… young… That was… surprising with the twinge she just felt. One hand reached into the pocket of her bright red dress and grabbed onto one of the marbles. Eyes of a matching red watched with curiosity.┘


┌A meek voice greeted him.┘

#ca mini

┌Balancing acts were hard especially when you were carrying four different bags full of various groceries. It was rare to see the girl so interested in things, but more and more lately she had found herself testing recipe’s cooking, baking… It wasn’t something she was open about yet. At least not completely. She wanted to get better at it before surprising Izumo with what she could do. She wouldn’t admit it either, but… it was actually fun, having a hobby to take up a lot of her time… Well, with the exception of transporting items. The front of her shoe caught slightly on the sidewalk, causing her to stumble and the eggs, margarine and cream cheese all to come falling out of the first bag and an almost terrified look to cross over her face.┘

[Part of her wants to know what’s going on. A larger part is growing disinterested.]

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