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[Part of her wants to know what’s going on. A larger part is growing disinterested.]

(i haven’t really been active, or even done any event stuff on anna… but would anyone like to do something with her?)

"Everyone’s always talking about this stuff… aren’t they?"

┌Totally hasn’t not been paying attention to a single thing lately…┘

Wishless {Open}



A look of surprise overtook his features at her words. Ace watched the girl as she folded the small piece of paper that she had been holding in her hands to place it in her pocket. He figured that everyone in this city would have a wish. To get out of the city, to see a loved one .. but it seemed that it wasn’t the case. But then again, why was he so surprised? He himself was having trouble making a wish after all.

"Any particular reason why?" He asked her, his eyes shifting toward the other wishes that other people had made.

Although he could pretty much guess why she didn’t want to make a wish, the pirate still asked. Anna was probably happy with what she had here, which Ace had to admire. He was pretty sure that there were people she wanted to see, yet she didn’t make a wish based on that.

"No, I’m actually having a lot of trouble coming up with one," he answered as he fingered the scrap of paper in his hands. Although he was still content with the life he had built here, there was still a longing to see the people he loved back home. But was he really in position to make a wish like that?

┌Eyes stared blankly at the wishes of others. For a few moments it seemed as though she wouldn’t answer the question, her mind working on which response to give. The half truth, or the full truth, more or less. Her hand came out of her pocket holding one of her marbles between her thumb and index finger. Slowly she let out a sigh before looking up at him.┘

"This city… it’s fine now."

┌She was used to it. She had people she knew. She had Izumo… In fact she’d rather stay here than go home. She had been here so long… She was almost scared of what the world might be like when she returned home… She was terrified that Mikoto might not be there anymore…┘

"And… I with things you want… you have to be careful not to be too selfish."

┌That was the biggest reason she had never acted like a normal child, she never said if she wanted things one way or the other. It had probably worried the members of Homra more than anything, but that’s what she would stick too…

Eyes lifted to fully take Ace in. Her head canting to the right.┘

"Is it that difficult?"





We reach the top of an abandoned building,
And surrounded by the whispers of dandelion fluff, we sing.

The ash-colored ground is decorated with light,
And we’re a bouquet wrapped in the roaring sound.

These plucked wings



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